Fleet of six Seabins for Whitehaven Marina

December 1, 2020

The first of a fleet of six new Seabins has been installed at Whitehaven Marina in Cumbria.

Driven forward by the staff and young people of the Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project, this plastic pollution fighting solution has been funded by Sellafield Ltd’s Social Impact, Multiplied programme.

“These Seabins will remove large and micro plastics from the water, collecting 2kg of waste before it needs to be emptied,” says Stephen Walter from the Youth Project.  “At the moment we’re emptying it two or three times a day, which gives you an idea of the scale of the problem we’re tackling.

“The waste ends up in the marina by washing in from the culverts that run under the town, and also from the side of the marina itself.”

The remaining Seabins will be installed at a rate of one per month. Once all six are installed, Whitehaven Marina will have the largest number of SeaBins in one location in the UK.

We’re the UK and Ireland supplier of the SeaBin. For more information, please contact us on sales@inlandandcoastal.com