All weather workboat berthing solutions for port and harbour operations at Seawork

June 1, 2022

We will be showcasing our unique berthing options for workboats and crew transfer vessels (CTV) at Seawork, 21-23 June 2022.

Specifically aimed at supporting operations in commercial ports and harbours, our tailor-made solutions provide safe working conditions for workers all year round, day and night.

For each project, we work with individual port authorities, power companies and other interested parties to ensure that our bespoke water access solutions meet a customer’s requirements. Often working with limited space, we take into account the existing infrastructure of the port or harbour, ensuring the most cost effective and sustainable solution is created.

Last year, Portland Harbour Authority approached us to design a custom berth to accommodate its new 287T tug, within the confines of its existing operational pontoons and factoring in its higher freeboard. The result was a 21.5m heavy-duty pontoon with a 750mm freeboard, with a durable, anti-slip surface provided by the Glass Reinforced Fibre (Work Surface) decking.

“We are pleased with our existing Inland and Coastal harbour workboat pontoons. I was confident their practical, design engineering skills would solve our new tugboat berth requirement in a tight corner of the harbour,” says Alex Hayes, general manager dryside.

“Within no time at all they had worked out how to make it fit and resolved the issue of connecting into existingpontoons and access ways at different levels.”

With the growth in the offshore renewable energy sector, new operations and maintenance (O&M) bases are required. Our highly experienced in-house design team can design specialised pontoons for these bases with variable freeboard heights, matching those of the crew transfer vessels using them. 

On Montrose Port’s South Quay, we recently installed a new 30m heavy-duty pontoon to service the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm, Scotland’s largest windfarm. With GRP decking suitable for commercial application offering excellent anti-slip properties coupled with high-level task lighting, the CTV crews will benefit from safe access to vessels during the commissioning and ongoing maintenance phases of the offshore facilities.

Lynn Sayer, business and commercial manager at Montrose Port Authority, comments: “We’re delighted with the new 30m pontoon which will soon see operations staff and maintenance teams safely boarding crew vessels for transfer to the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm. 

“The decision to award the contract for this project to Inland and Coastal Marina Systems has proved a very wise investment, with the resulting facility not only being extremely well designed and engineered, but delivered on time and on budget.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about improving your commercial berthing facilities to increase port revenues or replacing your existing water access for workboats and CTVs, our experts will be on our stand G47 at Seawork.