Collaboration brings economy boost to Fowey Harbour

July 29, 2021

Fowey Harbour, on the south coast of Cornwall, is set to receive an economy boost following the recent 180m extension to its walk ashore pontoon berthing. The new berths will diversify the commercial activity in the harbour, increasing its appeal as a haven for all manner of local boats and cruising yachts.

A collaboration between us, the pontoon manufacturer, local marine civils contractor, KML Piling and Fowey Harbour Commissioners, this project highlights just how effective companies working together can be in delivering great value for money. 

With the harbour team acting as project managers, co-ordinating the piling and installing of the pontoons themselves, big savings were made, maximising the length and number of new berths possible and leading to long-term profitable income from the investment.

We designed and supplied its standard leisure pontoons with a unique solid composite anti-slip decking. Providing a fresh new look and feel, with unbeatable durability, the new pontoons were made with special adaptations to connect them to the existing units, optimising the limited space in the harbour.

“Working together, we’ve been able to deliver Fowey Harbour more berths for their budget,” says Jon Challis, our sales manager. “Everyone contributed their particular skills and knowledge to best effect. We were able to focus on the production of the pontoons which needed to be delivered within a very specific time frame.  

Deputy harbour master, Jonathan Pritchard, comments: “Communications between all involved were second to none. This meant that we were able to get the pontoons delivered, off loaded and installed with no impact on the port’s other commercial activities. Utilising the resources we have available here in the harbour, we were able to avoid costly mobilisation by external contractors, saving time as well as money.  

“We’re really pleased with the new berths which will really help boost the local economy, in fact, they’ve all been snapped up already. Our new berth holders are particularly impressed with the stability of the pontoons and have commented on the glass-reinforced concrete decking, which they tell me feels much better underfoot than the wooden decking they’re used to.”