Dover Harbour awards berthing contract to Inland and Coastal Marina Systems

November 11, 2022

We’ve been awarded the contract to supply and install the new workboat berth in Dover Harbour by the Dover Harbour Board.

Owing to the port’s exposed location and the size of the vessels destined to use the new facility, the project will consist of 7 x 19.65m reinforced concrete breakwater pontoons. 

Weighing in at almost 100 tonnes each, the floating concrete units will have one metre of freeboard and, when combined, will be suitable for berthing working vessels up to 1000 tonnes displacement.

“We’re delighted to have been awarded this contract to design, manufacture and install the new workboat facilities at the Port of Dover,” says Maeve Parker, our Senior Marina Engineer.

“With the busy port’s location on the southeast coast being relatively exposed, we’ve created a bespoke design using our robust concrete breakwater units which are strong and durable enough to accommodate the port’s workboats and large commercial vessels, providing safe all year round berthing, and water access for crews, for a long time to come.”

The project, which is due to start installation in spring 2023, also includes the supply of floating foam fenders and M&E services.