DP World Southampton funds Seabin at MDL’s Ocean Village Marina

May 1, 2020

MDL ‘s Ocean Village Marina installed its Seabin in December last year. This award-winning piece of technology is positioned in the North East corner of the marina, where prevailing winds cause the most litter to accumulate.

Almost a year later ‘Celia’, as the SeaBin is affectionately known, is going strong. “She’s been a great addition to the marina infrastructure and has been very effective at keeping her side of the marina clean and detritus free, assisting my team with the overall cleanliness of the marina,” says Scott Farquharson, Ocean Village Marina Manager. 

“Being on the edge of the Solent we can have rubbish floating in from elsewhere. There’s always lots of organic material, like leaves and twigs, but there’s also a huge amount of plastic, mostly bottles and bags and, from time to time, a solitary flip flop. We usually empty Celia at least twice a day, it’s very easy to do.

“Working by the water, we’re passionate about the marine environment. Celia is making a real difference the levels of plastic and other litter in our marina and we’d love to have another SeaBin to be able to double our efforts.”