‘Dramatic’ change in wave climate at Haslar Marina following breakwater installation

June 16, 2023

Berth holders and visitors to boatfolk’s Haslar Marina in Gosport can be certain of a good night’s sleep now we’ve completed the installation of a 70m wave attenuating breakwater at the eastern end of the marina.

As part of a two-phase project to expand berthing at this popular south coast marina, we’ve used our expertise in pontoon design and manufacture to create a bespoke floating concrete breakwater to reduce the wave climate in a particularly exposed section of the marina. 

“We’re delighted with the work that Inland and Coastal has done, completing the final piece of our overall marina extension work,” says Ben Lippiett, Marina General Manager. 

“One of the unique selling points of our marina is its position close to Portsmouth Harbour entrance, but this has meant that there has always been a bit of motion at this exposed end of the marina, which has previously made it difficult to fill the berths.

“What our new floating concrete breakwater has done is to create a wave screen affect and has given us greater protection from the action of the wind and waves.”

Extending the frontage of the marina from the bow of the iconic green lightship, the protection provided by this new fully serviced floating breakwater has enabled Haslar Marina to create new berths, maximising usable space as demand for quality berthing across the UK goes up, and increasing return on investment.

Ben continues: “Feedback from customers so far is that they’ve seen a dramatic change in the wave climate. It is quite literally rough on one side, and calm on the other. 

“What the new breakwater has also give us is very usable, high load capacity space to accommodate much larger boats, superyachts and sail training vessels. Between the increase in berthing and the wave protection, it’s just finished off our berthing plan tremendously, we’re very happy.”

Haslar Marina’s new floating concrete breakwater comprises two 60-tonne 20m x 4m and two 53 tonne 15m x 4m concrete breakwater units.

Manufactured in house, our floating concrete breakwaters are an option where a fixed breakwater isn’t feasible and are designed to attenuate waves to a level where sheltered berthing can then be provided.

Built from reinforced concrete with internal floating blocks, the breakwaters incorporate high yield stainless steel wire rope and IRHD 70 rubber buffers combining high strength and high flexibility.

Given the severe environments in which they function, we pay particular attention to the lifespan of the units. Built in accordance with exposure classifications, coupled with a detailed analysis of the site, the galvanised reinforcing steel and concrete cover ensure the longevity of our breakwater units.