Harbour protection doubles up as tourist attraction in Australia

March 23, 2022

Providing protection to the inner harbour from the waves of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia, we installed a 426.5m floating concrete attenuator consisting of 23 of our breakwater units, moored on piles.

“Not only is this the longest breakwater we’ve manufactured, comprising 22m, 16.5m and 15m long units, it’s also the widest,” comments our managing director, Oliver Shortall. “The site is exposed to a high wave climate which required 6m wide breakwaters to offer the stability and protection needed.

“Known as the Wangim Walk, our breakwater forms one of Australia’s longest on-water walkways, providing a safe harbour for the Royal Geelong Yacht Club as well as a tourist attraction, allowing visitors to literally ‘walk on water’ with the hope that it will help drive economic recovery for the area post covid.”