ICMS appoints Sustainability Manager

June 26, 2023

Supporting our vision of a greener, healthier and more productive future, we’ve promoted Floriane Catillon to the newly created position of Sustainability Manager at Inland and Coastal Marina Systems (ICMS).

In her new role, Floriane will be responsible for helping us to create a healthier and more eco-friendly working environment for ICMS employees and customers alike. She’ll also be looking at how we can change our working practices and materials to developing greener products, be more energy efficient and reduce our CO2 emissions to help combat climate change.

Originally from France, Floriane is studying Business Sustainability Management with the University of Cambridge and believes that a good, healthy working environment is sustainable for any company.

“Sustainability is very broad and it’s a long journey filled with research, constant learning and passion,” explains Floriane. “For me sustainability is a purpose. It’s challenging, and it’s for that reason I like it, but it’s also essential for our planet.

“Along with an extensive interest in the environment, I am also passionate about wellbeing and lucky to be working for a company that share the same values as me and wishes to work towards creating a better work environment as well as a greener one.”

In addition, this year Floriane has completed four sustainability courses with the Irish Exporters Association. A trained yoga teacher and keen hiker, Floriane enjoys travel and has an appetite for discovering new cultures, foods and landscapes. 

“Flo has made a real impact on the company in the three years she has been with us, and we’re delighted she’ll continue to do so in her new role as Sustainability Manager,” says Oliver Shortall, Managing Director at ICMS. 

“The phenomenal team at ICMS is the company’s most valuable asset and creating the best possible working environment for everyone is of paramount importance. The creation of this new position demonstrates our commitment to the task.”