ICMS commercial vessel berthing facilitates continuous port operations

March 23, 2022

Working within a short time frame and with limited space available for inshore moorings, we designed a safe workboat berthing solution for Foyle Port, in Northern Ireland.

“The tugs and workboats within the port at Lisahally, County Derry, need to be berthed close to the port terminal so that they’re readily available for work,” says Vincent Carey, our sales engineer. “But space being extremely limited coupled with the loads generated by the size of the vessels meant we had to be creative with our solution.

“Our breakwater units were ideal as we can manufacture them in sections for easy transportation and installation, as well as offer variable freeboard heights to match those of the vessels using them. 

“Accessed via a gangway, the 60m long by 4m wide breakwater is moored on chains with the ability to accommodate vessels with displacements up to 160 tonnes. Port operations are now able to proceed continuously and without delay as the commercial craft is on hand.”