New rowing pontoon at Marlow Rowing Club improves access for all

July 25, 2022

We designed and manufactured a new rowing pontoon for Marlow Rowing Club significantly upgrading the club’s boat launching area and improving access for the club’s busy rowing programme and increasing space for disabled rowers.

Completely rebuilding the waterfrontage of the historic club on the River Thames, the project included removing the old riverside quay and replacing it with a reprofiled and aligned hard standing and quay wall, creating a single level, smooth edge.

Working closely with P&D environmental to facilitate this and ensure integration of the appropriate mooring system, we then connected a 40m x 4m low freeboard (150mm) modular rowing pontoon. The new pontoon was specifically designed to accommodate a rowing eight alongside with oars partially deployed while still allowing space for wheelchairs to pass along the length of the pontoon for boat access.

Designed with special adaptations to decouple the joints, the individual modules of the pontoon have towing cleats positioned to enable the sections to be detached and transported to other parts of the river to form separate landing stages during major competitions.

“The existing water’s edge at Marlow Rowing Club was uneven and needed to be replaced prior to installing the club’s new rowing pontoon, providing a safe water access for its members,” says Jon Challis, our sales manager.

“To find the most cost-effective solution for the club, rather than sub-contracting we collaborated with P&D Environmental to replace the quayside. Working in this way we ensured the best possible outcome for Marlow Rowing Club’s members, while making tangible savings for the club on the overall project.”

Topped with ICMS’ GRP mini mesh decking and reducing the gap between the quay wall and the pontoon, Marlow Rowing Club’s members now have a more stable and non-slip platform with wheelchair access for launching their boats for both competitive and recreational rowing.

“Delivered on time and well managed, we are very pleased with our new pontoon,” says David Plaskitt, who headed the project at Marlow Rowing Club.

“It has been well received by our members who appreciate the stability provided by the single rigid pontoon with consistent freeboard, making boat access and egress simpler and safer for our competitive, adaptive and para rowers alike.

“Working with Inland and Coastal and P&D has been a very positive experience, with the collaboration producing the best value solution for the club and its members. The carefully designed modular nature of the new pontoon with its improved accessibility not only makes it easier for us to operate on a day to day basis, but also makes us more attractive as a host for external events, bringing revenue to the club.”