New watersports pontoon supports regeneration in Swansea

November 28, 2023

Working closely with multiple stakeholders, we’ve manufactured and installed a multipurpose water access system on the banks of the River Tawe in Swansea, South Wales.

Fabricated from high quality steel and linked to the quayside by a bespoke bridgehead platform and footbridge, the mixed-use floating pontoon and gangway have been developed to help deliver a range of economic benefits to regenerate the area and encourage tourism, as well as create jobs locally.

“The Tawe was at the heart of Swansea life for many years; it will be again in future as we breathe more life into the river corridor for the benefit of local people and visitors,” says Swansea Council cabinet member, Robert Francis-Davies.

“Our new river pontoons will help bring more people to attractions like the copperworks. Already, Penderyn has recently opened an operational distillery and visitor centre there. The pontoons form part of a wider project that’ll celebrate Swansea’s rich history, create jobs for local people and open up innovative new spaces for local businesses.”

Fitted to the historic quay wall with specialist fixings to retain the character and features of the quay, the dual-level pontoon features our unique solid GRC (glass reinforced concrete) and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) watersports decking options which, coupled with energy efficient LED lighting, offers year-round, non-slip access to the water for the many river based users groups, including Copper Jack cruises, the City of Swansea Rowing Club and Swansea University Rowing Club.

The low freeboard section of the installation brings the deck to within just 150mm of the river level. This watersports specific pontoon comes with an inbuilt high residual buoyancy, enabling easy access to the water for racing rowing boats, kayaks and paddleboards, while maintaining a stable platform for participants waiting to get out on the water.