Our heavy duty pontoons are designed to accommodate the berthing of larger vessels, and are used extensively throughout the commercial marine industry in semi-sheltered sites.

Primarily used by harbour boards, pilot and fishing vessels, ferry operators or for general commercial traffic, our heavy duty pontoons are also used for the berthing of larger leisure vessels.

When using a double fender, freeboard heights from 500mm to 1200mm can be accommodated, making the pontoon suitable for berthing vessels of any shape and size.

Product Features and Benefits

Bespoke Pontoon Design

Frame sizes, width and shapes can be adapted to suit any marina layout and customer requirements. We can also offer skewed and curved layouts.

Marina Layout Design

We work closely with clients to find the right marina layout for each project, taking into account best practice guidance and customer preference.

Galvanised Steel Structure

All steelwork used in the construction of our heavy duty pontoons is hot-dipped galvanised after fabrication, to BS EN ISO1461. High resistance to lateral loads and excellent torsional stiffness against wave action is offered by the comprehensive grid structure, making the pontoons suitable for large commercial boat berthing in exposed environments.


Both the decking options available, glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) and glassfibre reinforced plastic (GFRP), provide excellent anti-slip properties, a low maintenance requirement and are suitable for hardworking environments.


The incorporation of multiple, equally spaced, concrete encased floatation blocks provides increased reserve buoyancy and stability. Freeboard can be adjusted to meet customer requirements.

Mooring Options

Our heavy duty pontoons can be moored on chain, rope, elasticated mooring systems or piles. The design of all systems takes into account berthing and environmental loads.

Fender Options

The fender options available for our heavy duty pontoons are rubber, plastic or timber.

Service Options

We can provide ducting or cable tray options for the provision of service runs, and service access lids can be supplied on request.

Side by Side Connections

Our heavy duty pontoons can be joined side by side to form larger platforms, extending past the standard 3m unit, up to any width required.

Piling Systems

For heavy pontoons restrained by a piling system, we can offer the option of either an external or internal pile guide. Both systems are designed to satisfy the range of loads experienced by the pontoons.

Mooring Bollards

As well as standard mooring cleats, the heavy duty pontoon can be adapted to use up to 10T capacity mooring bollards, provided in either galvanised or powder coated finish.


All our pontoons are manufactured to an ISO 9001 Accredited System.


Technical Specifications


Structural Live Load



Grade S275


All welds - 6mm CFW


Hot-dip galvanising to BS EN ISO 1461


150 x 150 'D' rubber (others or double on request)


M24 galvanised bolts through 50mm UV stabilised rubber buffers


12m (any dimension under 12m)


6m, 5m, 4m, 3m and 2.4m

Vessel Capacity

110 Ton (can accommodate larger on request)

Floatation Blocks


10mm grade 18 GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)


15kg/m3 polystyrene


Galvanised steel or aluminium



Standard Minimum Buoyancy



Decking Options

GRP mesh or GRC planks. Other options available on request