Our rowing and watersports pontoon gives freeboard low enough for oars and paddles to come in over the top of the pontoon, while ensuring that reserve buoyancy and stability are maximised.

Safety is key and we understand the issues rowing clubs and watersports providers have to consider as participants of all ages and abilities access the water. Bespoke access solutions and sports specific decking materials are integral to our design and installation process.

Product Features and Benefits

High Reserve Buoyancy

We have developed our rowing and watersports pontoon to maximise the reserve buoyancy of the pontoon while maintaining a low freeboard. Achieved by using all available space, above the waterline for floatation, the high reserve buoyancy means that multiple of users can be on the facility and launching boats simultaneously.

Access and Egress

During the design process we consider how the pontoon user can safely access and egress from the pontoon while carrying a boat. A detailed analysis of the types of boats used on the facility and the lifting capacities of the users will also be considered. The design and supply of an access system fit for purpose will be included as part of the project.

Galvanised steel structure

The frame of the pontoon is manufactured from steel galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 which ensures strength and longevity of the structure.

Decking Options

Generally decked with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) our pontoons offer excellent anti-slip properties, imperative for a watersports environment.


The flotation blocks for the pontoons are encased in a concrete skin, making the overall weight of the pontoon heavier, increasing stability.

Mooring Options

All our systems are designed taking into account berthing location and environmental loads. Chains, ropes, elasticated moorings or piles are all options, depending on the specific project’s requirements.

Fender Options

The pontoons can be fendered with rubber, plastic or timber.

Side by Side Connections

The pontoons can be joined side by side to offer large platforms for clubs and watersports providers.


All our rowing  and watersports pontoons are manufactured to an ISO 9001 Accredited System.

Technical Specifications





All Welds - 6mm CFW


Hot-dip Galvanising to BS EN ISO 1461


150 x 50mm hardwood as standard (softwood, rubber or plastic fender available on request)




M24 Galvanised Bolts through 50mm UV Stabilised Rubber Buffers


150-300mm Freeboard: 50-100kg/m² Reserve Buoyancy

Floatation Blocks


10mm High Strength Sprayed GRC (Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete)


15kg/m³ Polystyrene


Galvanised Steel