Prehen Boat Club

River Foyle

With the large tidal rise and fall of the river Foyle, the project’s objective to was to provide safe access to the water for all water sports enthusiasts, as well as increasing the range of tide where disabled access was possible.

Client Civco on behalf of Derry and Strabane District Council
Date November 2023
Where Prehen, Derry, Northern Ireland

Engaged by main contractor Civco Ltd on behalf of Derry and Strabane District Council, we undertook the construction of a large landing platform accommodating three 19-metre-long gangways, which provides access via a transition ramp to 40 metres of lower freeboard rowing pontoon, with additional marina services provided.

Considerably longer than what would be required on inland rowing facilities, the three-gangway set-up was required to allow the rowing boats to be carried parallel to the line of the pontoons. This approach avoided users having to turn the rowing boats which would be unpractical and put them at risk of falling into the water. The landing platform and gangways will now provide rowers and other users on the river Foyle, including swimmers, with safe access to and from the water.