St Michael’s Rowing Club


Project Summary

Following the installation of a bespoke low freeboard (150mm) rowing pontoon, the members at St Michael’s Rowing Club on the River Shannon now have safe and easy access to and from their rowing boats.

Client Pierce Mc Gann & Co Consulting Engineers
Date April 2017
Where St Michael’s Rowing Club, Limerick City, Ireland

On behalf of Pierce Mc Gann & Co Consulting Engineers, we designed and installed the 43.5m x 4.8m rowing pontoon to replace the existing access, which had become precarious, especially for the younger members of the club.

With the site drying out on every tide, the new pontoon, moored on piles, required grounding brackets. The tidal variation also meant that a 17m x 3.5m gangway was necessary to access the pontoon. This was specifically designed so the rowers could safely carry their boats to the water for launching at all states of the tide.