20-metre bridge improves safety in Helmsdale Harbour

May 16, 2021

Since 2014, local and visiting fishermen have been able to berth and unload their catch safely in Helmsdale Harbour benefitting from the installation of 75m by 3m of our heavy-duty pontoons

Situated approximately 70 miles north of Inverness on the north east coast of Scotland, Helmsdale Harbour’s location made delivery challenging.  “The project had its logistical issues when it came to installation, but assembling the pontoons offsite really helped both with time and the amount of specialist machinery needed in-situ,” explains Vincent Carey, our sales engineer.

Fixed to the quay walls with beam piles, the berthing is accessed safely by a 20-metre bespoke bridge with anti-slip decking instead of the fishermen having to climb slippery ladders attached to the quay wall.