Fit for the Future

March 11, 2020

“We’ve been making life easier for marina and harbour operators for years, replacing older, first generation pontoons with modern, more sustainable equipment,” says Jon Challis our Business Development Manager.

“Our flexible designs for either low or higher freeboard, high residual buoyancy pontoons combined with innovative access gangways give safe, secure and more comfortable water access to users, especially first- time users or those less confident.”

We keep abreast of developments in the marine industry by attending shows and conferences across the marine world, like the British Marine Autumn Inland Conference in Leeds.

“Conference delegates were encouraged to invest in their businesses and promote sustainable practices to encourage the emerging new consumer groups identified by research commissioned by Jon White from TYHA,” says Jon. 

Further to this British Marine’s CEO, Lesley Robinson, welcomed feedback from inland operators about how it can adapt and offer greater support to inland boating and pledged to facilitate an ‘Inland Marine Expo’ in 2020.

There was also a strong presence from the Canal and River Trust (CRT). Partnership Manager at the Trust, Simon Papprill, emphasised the role of the trust in making the waterways accessible, and ensuring their assets were maintained and operating efficiently. 

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