Global 6 Metre Breakwater Units

February 18, 2020

This year we’ve started manufacturing and exporting 6m wide breakwaters from our factory in Ireland, installing them in some far-flung places around the world.

“We’re making increasingly larger breakwaters to meet the growing demand,” says Maeve Parker, Inland and Coastal Senior Marina Engineer, “to attenuate waves in more exposed sites. Plus, there’s been a significant growth in the number of superyachts requiring larger floating berths. 

“We make them in Ireland. Our manufacturing process is tightly controlled to ensure all our breakwaters are of the high-quality people expect from Inland and Coastal. The shipping is always a fun challenge, but the results are well worth it.” 

Like all our breakwater products, the 6m-wides are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified environment. Made from high strength C50/60 concrete and galvanised steel reinforcing bar, these breakwaters have correct cover in line with Eurocode 2 for Tidal, Splash and Spray Zones (XS3), a high quality finish and a GRC skin base to protect the internal polystyrene.

Designed to Eurocode 2 to satisfy
the loads from lifting, transportation, mooring, berthing, connections and environmental loadings, our 6m breakwaters have unparalleled durability.

To find out more about our concrete breakwaters, call Maeve Parker on +353 (0) 57 915 3963.