World class rowing competition facilities

January 8, 2021

As part of Leitrim County Council’s plans to develop Lough Rinn as a FISA standard rowing course, we worked with Deane Public Works to design and install start and finish line pontoons for the racing.

Crucial to judging who crosses the line first, the pontoons are stable and maintain their exact plan position in the water, allowing up and down movement but minimal motion in other planes.

With Lough Rinn now ready to host national and international rowing regattas, the local rowing clubs can also benefit from training at a world class facility when it’s not hosting an event.

We also designed and installed the start and presentation pontoons at Strathclyde Country Park for use at the Commonwealth Games and Scottish Rowing Championships. Still going strong, the facilities continue to host elite events as well as provide safe and stable water access for other local on water users.